Venetian Canzonas

Venetian Canzonas: "Part 3 (Tenor). Arranged by Helmut Monkemeyer and Helmut M. Antiqua (Chamber Music). Individual part. 7 pages. Schott Music #ANT120-14. Published by Schott Music (HL.49000063).

Item Number: HL.49000063

9x12 inches.

In his dedication of 20th June 1608 to Count Scripo Nascica Fantagucci, the printer Alessandro Rauerij emphasized that his collection contains some of the most outstanding works by the most modern and prominent musicians, and we do in fact find names such as Giovanni Gabrieli and Girolamo Frescobaldi, and also the other masters we have reprinted were famous far beyound their day. Accidentals above the notes are editor's suggestions. In the parts, the tenor has been printed three times: in the alto, the octave treble and the normal treble clef. The canzonas can be played on any instruments, and consorts of fiddles, viols, recorders, as well as lutes and guitars are especially suitable.

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MASAKI YODA -DNA- #Song #tune #música #ouvir #Japão #informação

MASAKI YODA -DNA- #Song #tune #música #ouvir #Japão #informação view source: